Immigration Reform Protest at UT

Today, in front of the tower, hundreds of students participated in a counter protest sparked by the YCT (Young Conservatives of Texas) organization’s game “catch an illegal immigrant.” In this game, volunteers would wear a t-shirt with “illegal immigrant” written on the back. Students were charged to find these immigrants and, essentially, “turn them in” for a $25 gift card. When people’s lives and real fear were right turned into a game, it did not take long for Longhorns to react. The social media buzz on all platforms, mostly either urging a counter event or condemning the YCT for their “tactless actions,” caused the YCT to rethink and then cancel the event. However, the counter event continued as planned and the message of the event seemed to be as follows:

Students at UT wore white t-shirts with “undocumented immigrant” written on the front. Initially, this was to disrupt the “game” planned by the YCT, but ended up symbolizing the solidarity felt by all people because of our common trait: humanity. The 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US, 400 of which are proud UT Longhorns, want one thing: A better life for themselves and their families. We see these people as intruders who steal our jobs and land, but the truth is they are the backbone upon which our wealth is built. Who builds your roads? Who cleans your house? Who cooks your food? People who do not have another option. 11 million people are being scripted as an other which is the first step in dehumanizing them. These people are being pushed to the fringes of our society because we are afraid to see them as humans, as mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. The moment we see these people as humans with the same hopes and dreams as everyone else, rather than as a morally corrupt other, people will have to answer to the atrocities committed over the years.

A written statement received by Raymond José, who is an organizer at United We Dream, is as follows:

“Everyday that congress does not act, 1,110 people are deported; within that number is mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. We need congress to act now and deliver on an immigration reform that is right and just for the 11 million.”

Help fight the hate by supporting HR-15, calling The Speaker at 877-958-7868, and pushing for immigration reform that does not tear families apart and put people in cages. Be proactive, fight for what you believe in peacefully in order to “form a more perfect nation.”

Thoughts about the protest? Know what to do about the problems discussed by the protest? It, and immigration reform, will be the topic of discussion this evening on the show. Tell us what you think on our twitter @KVRXpalebluedot and maybe have it read on the show!

Students at UT protesting

Students at UT protesting


“The people United will never be defeated”

The thoughts and ideas written in this article do not necessarily represent the thoughts and ideas of The Pale Blue Dot, KVRX, or any of the hosts/speakers on the show.


3 thoughts on “Immigration Reform Protest at UT

  1. The T-shirts purposely said ‘undocumented’ in order to not perpetuate the racist and loaded term of ‘illegal immigrant’ that the YCT was employing. I don’t think I saw a single shirt with ‘illegal immigrant’ on it. Your own photos show ‘undocumented’. This isn’t really a small detail. I’m pretty sure the students and organizers who planned this made it clear that even when disrupting the YCT’s sick game, they weren’t going to don a shirt that uses that term.

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